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     TaxpayersWatch for Kerr County (TaxpayersWatch) is a non-profit, non-partisan public service organization dedicated to providing information about, and facilitating public discussion and monitoring of, Kerr County government.

     TaxpayersWatch has come into being as a result of two basic concerns. One is the increasing expense of government. The second is the lack or poor quality of information and "news" available to us. The idea for a watchdog group originated in conversations among several Kerr County citizens during November-December 2004. Since then, various individuals have contributed their efforts to developing issues, speaking and writing about them, contacting elected officials, and creating our first newspaper and this website.


     TaxpayersWatch members represent a cross-section of the community. We include artists, public school teachers, psychologist/therapists, business owners and persons retired from various professions.


     TaxpayersWatch considers information to be crucial to a free, self-ruling society. We strive to increase the flow and caliber of information available to everyday citizens with respect to Kerr County governance. Our hope is that this will result in government that is more participatory and accountable, and in policies and practices beneficial to Kerr County development.

     We believe that Kerr County is unique for a county of 45,000 inhabitants, in that the large number of retirees living here bring with them valuable experience and expertise in a wide array of disciplines. Such a vast pool of intellect and talent can, and should, play a vital role in ensuring sound fiscal policy in Kerr County.

     Please explore our website to learn more about TaxpayersWatch. It is offered as a vehicle to share ideas and debate issues related to local government. We welcome all perspectives and hope to serve as a sounding board for potential letters to the editors or guest editorials.


     TaxpayersWatch accepts no outside contributions, does not endorse political candidates or parties, and does not subscribe to any particular political ideology. We encourage everyone to attend our meetings and utilize our resources, regardless of political affiliation.

TaxpayersWatch for Kerr County
Webmaster Keely Vanacker