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County considers video surveillance at Courthouse

But Commissioners settle for panic button system for now.

Posted 7/16/05

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Video teleconferencing: Can it prevent need for jail expansion?  Posted 7/09/05                             to continue ...



Sheriff proposes $7.2 Million Jail Expansion

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35 face drug charges from meth-lab investigation

Calling it the largest crime ring in Kerr County since the 1980's, Sheriff's deputies and Narcotics Task Force officers arrested 26 of 35 people charged with producing and selling methamphetamine as of Tuesday, July 12. A forged-check investigation originally led to the meth-lab discoveries. For the San Antonio Express-News story ... 

District Judges get pay raise

 State District Judges salaries have been increased to $125,000 annually from $101,700, by a vote in the State legislature on Tuesday, July 12. The raise will affect District, Appellate and Supreme Court judges and justices, plus district and county attorneys, whose pay matches that of district judges. A pension increase for legislators was tied to the measure, which passed "with little discussion in the House and none in the Senate."   For the San Antonio Express-News story ....



Kerrville judge criticized for unusual witnesses

District 216th Judge Stephen Ables is criticized for errors by Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  For the San Antonio Express-News story ...


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