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A New Year's Resolution for Kerr County
Posted 1/15/06  
It's a new year. And an election year at that!  to continue ... 
The lowdown on why your tax bill's so high
Posted 11/09/05
 Kerr County property owners will be paying a higher tax bill this year for the following  reasons: Overall rising home prices, an increase in the county ad valorum tax rate, and the Juvenile Detention Facility.  to continue
Winners and losers from new county budget
Posted 10/21/05
Kerr County's 2005-06 budget is now final ... how should we rate their performance?                                                         to continue ...
JDF runaway expenses cause of '06 tax increase
Posted 9/21/05
The facility is projected to run a deficit of $288,000 next year.  to continue ...

Kerr County weighs in "too fat".  
According to a study conducted by Commissioner Pct. 4 Dave Nicholson, Kerr County ranks dead last among 13 similar counties in efficiency and employee productivity.   to continue...

Treasurer's office again under fire

Posted 11/2/05

Kerr County Treasurer Barbara Nemec was under scrutiny again at the October 24th Commissioners Court meeting, but her deputy, Judy Carr, "took full responsibility" as she explained the delays in health benefit payments. Carr accused County Judge Pat Tinley of "jumping the gun" by putting the item on the court agenda. For West Kerr Current story ...



County Treasurer under fire

Posted 7/12/05  
    Nearly two hours of Monday's (July 11) Commissioners Court meeting was given over to discussion of mistakes made by Kerr County Treasurer Barbara Nemec's office. Two citizen taxpayers brought criticism, backed up with printed materials assembled from Open Records Requests, relating to the Treasurer hiring an accused felon, making tardy insurance payments and late filings to the County Retirement Fund over a period covering 2002 to 2005. The last two items caused a loss of taxpayer money. For San Antonio Express-News story .

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