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Welcome to the Kerr County, Texas "watchdog website".  You will find news, reviews and opinion on timely topics affecting the Kerr County taxpayer.  Our objective is to be a reliable source of information and a forum that you can use to get more involved with your local government.  We value your feedback.

New!!  Looking for wisdom
The Kerr County Juvenile Detention Facility has been downsized to a 16 bed, pre-adjudicated only facility. Is this only the beginning of the changes? 

What went wrong at the JDF?                                           

     On December 17, 2004, the Kerr County Commissioners voted 3-2 to purchase the County Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) from the Hill Country Juvenile Facilities Corp.  for the sum of $1.9 million. The vote was 2-2, with Buster Baldwin and Dave Nicholson opposed; County Judge Pat Tinley broke the tie, voting in favor.

   This came after weeks of negotiations with the bondholders who had invested nearly $5 million in the facility. This article is an effort to understand how we got to this place.  to continue.....



What do we tell the taxpayers?

     According to their actions to date, the Kerr County Juvenile Board's answer to this question is: only what the taxpayers can figure out for themselves. With the juvenile board’s unwillingness to explain their lack of oversight and the Commissioners Court’s reluctance to demand an explanation from them, the taxpayers are left in the dark.  to continue....

To know or not to know....that seems to be the question
       When County Judge Pat Tinley worked out the Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) purchase agreement with representatives of the 11 bondholders, he insisted on immunity for all county employees  -- including the juvenile board and the County Commissioners. Without this legal guarantee of immunity, the "deal" would never have been approved by the county. to continue ...



A series of unfortunate contradictions
      Who's telling the truth?  We've compiled a number of public statements regarding the JDF.
to continue .....



Commissioner's Court Transcripts available at

A New Year's Resolution for Kerr County   Posted 1/15/06              to continue
The lowdown on your high tax bill
Posted 11/09/05   to continue
Winners & Losers from new county budget
Posted 10/21/05  to continue
JDF runaway expenses cause of '06 tax increase 
     The facility is projected to run a deficit of $288,000 next year. 
     to continue
Kerr County weighs in "too fat"
      According to a study conducted by County Commissioner Pct.4 Dave Nicholson, Kerr County ranks dead last among 13 counties in both efficiency of government and employee productivity.     to continue ...

County considers video surveillance at courthouse
But commissioners go with panic button system.    Posted 7/16/05
Video Teleconferencing: Can it prevent jail expansion?
Posted 7/09/05                          to continue
Sheriff proposes $7.2 million jail expansion
Jail Commission recommends 96-bed addition for $4.8 million.
Future of the JDF debated     to continue.....

Mining the Guadalupe River  This is a multi-faceted and growing problem that exists all over Central Texas. It should concern all residents because it impacts our environmental integrity and our treasured Guadalupe River.    posted 2/11/06         to continue

The Groundwater Myth continues  Aided and abetted by the Kerrville Daily Times.   Posted 10/28/05        to continue 

Time to sunset the UGRA   The Upper Guadalupe River Authority today is a governmental agency without a mission. There is nothing that it does that could not be taken on by other, better qualified agencies of the State of Texas and the Federal Government.  to continue .....


Surface mining on agriculturally exempt lands

     On February 9, 2005, Commissioner #4 Dave Nicholson hosted a public workshop/meeting addressing claims of unregulated surface mining in Kerr County. The meeting was held in the Commissioners Courtroom of the Kerr County Courthouse.   to continue ....


Mining issues crop up in Centerpoint  Posted 9/30/05  

     Residents concerned about air pollution from rock-crushing operation. to continue ...


        "I have found that when citizens shine some light on the 
         darkness, elected officials do take action to make changes.  If more 
         citizens would play a watch-dog role, government would improve."
                                        ... Dave Nicholson
                                            Kerr County Commissioner Pct. 4

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